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March 23, 2012 - March 25, 2012

So, apparently there is this movie called The Hunger Games (77.75) and nearly everyone who saw a movie this weekend chose to see that one. We have our first official blockbuster of 2012 as The Hunger Games earned 75.67% of the overall revenue of this week’s top 10 movies. It also helped push the Misix Movie Quality Index up 5.54 points to 56.83. This is still well below average (60.22) as the top 10 was riddled with duds. In fact, the only other movies to break the 60 point mark were 21 Jump Street (76.50), John Carter (60.50) and Safe House (61.50). October Baby (43.75) had the unfortunate timing of opening the same weekend as The Hunger Games and did not fare nearly as well. Once again, the anchor of week belongs to Eddie Murphy and his movie A Thousand Words (34.75).  One would think that a movie where Mr. Murphy doesn’t speak might actually do fairly well, but no.  Even muted, Eddie ruins movies. The revenue-adjusted movie quality index (74.55) skyrocketed 13.55 points as a result of ¾ of the revenue from the top 10 movies going to The Hunger Games. Unless you went and saw The Hunger Games or 21 Jump Street, you probably made a poor choice at the box office this weekend, but judging by the numbers, that wasn’t very many of you. 

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