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April 06, 2012 - April 08, 2012


The Misix Movie Quality Index (61.71) increased significantly from previous week (by 6.81 points), with the arrival of one highly rated movie and the departure of one dreadful one. The new arrival to the top ten was hardly a “new” film at all: the 1997 classic Titanic (78.99). The 3D update of this love story aboard an “unsinkable” ship was the top-rated film on the list for the weekend. The disappearance of A Thousand Words, on the other hand, probably had a bigger impact on the Misix Movie Quality Index; the terrible Eddie Murphy film had been the anchor for four weeks running. The Hunger Games (74.33) was the highest-grossing flick for the third straight weekend, pulling down a modest $33.5 million. The second-highest earner for the weekend was the latest, and hopefully last, edition of the American Pie series: American Reunion (55.93). The new release was one of the worst movies making the list this weekend, second only to the anchor Wrath of the Titans (42.23). But with well-rated, high-producing films like The Hunger Games, Titanic and 21 Jump Street (75.58), the revenue-adjusted movie quality index rose by nearly two points. All-in-all, it made for a weekend of above-average quality movies: the first such weekend in two months. 


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