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July 6, 2012 to July 8, 2012

The Misix Movie Quality Index remained relatively unchanged from the week prior, improving by only 0.28 points to reach 64.88. However, there were four new additions to the top ten. Sony’s much anticipated remake The Amazing Spider-Man (71.99) opened with a strong showing and would debut in the top spot for box office sales. The crime-drama Savages (61.66) also arrived in theaters, holding down the number four spot in sales. The two other films opening were Katy Perry: Part of Me (58.07) and Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love (55.41); both debuting with less than stellar reviews. Two of last week’s openers, Ted (68.41) and Magic Mike (71.01), maintained substantial staying power going into their second week, dropping only to second and fifth in sales, respectively. Pixar’s Brave (73.25) held strong at the three spot in its third week. In a surprising turn of events, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection (35.98) continued to attract audiences despite repeating as anchor of the week, and led us nerdlings to again question rational choice theory. Mainstays Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (68.15) and Moonrise Kingdom (84.85) closed out the top ten. The revenue-adjusted index rose 2.22 points on the success of The Amazing Spider-Man to 67.78. In all, many were caught up in a web of above average movies in spite of two Perry films and an old guy that married his pseudo stepdaughter.

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