Smarter people

We bring the right brains and left brains to the same table. We even get them to play nice together.


Some see the world in color. Our analysts see the world in numbers and data points. They’re inquisitive and tenacious, and live for finding breakthrough trends.


Our economists are a competitive differentiator that will provide insight into your business to help you succeed.


We’ve all seen the “30,000-foot view” of a project or idea. Our strategists can provide you with strategies that look as good on the ground as they do up high.


The design team takes your ideas and brings them to life through design and imagery that best represent your company and brand.


There’s an art to telling a good story. Our writers craft clear and efficient messaging to give your brand a voice and accomplish your objectives.


The role of developers is critical to the communication process, as they bring the words, images and organization to life electronically to represent your brand.

Project Managers

Making sure you have what you need when you need it, Misix project managers make sure your projects are on time and accurate.

Account Managers

Have you ever said “I could get more done if there were two of me”? Our account managers are your translators, your interface and your advocate.