Smarter services

We work smart to grow your business, build your brand momentum and execute with precise focus.


The Misix Insight team works to make intelligent use of data that might otherwise remain unexamined or underexploited.

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Strategic Planning

We offer strategic services in branding, communications and event management.

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Creative Execution

There’s an art to making complex ideas simple. Our creative team makes it look easy.

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Insight: Research & Analytics

The one with the best data wins.

Every company generates data that can be used to help guide its marketing efforts. Very few organizations take advantage of this resource. That’s where we come in. We help you find it. We help you analyze it. We help you act on it. We implement your data at every phase of the marketing process – planning, execution and measurement – to develop fact-based strategies, create powerful communications and prove ROI.

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics helps us define your current condition. We analyze and interpret your historical data in order to paint a picture of what has happened in the past, and what it means for your business today.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics takes the process to the next step, helping us determine what is influencing your current condition. We develop actionable insight that can be used when making future decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics synthesizes your current and historical data, allowing us to run models that will help determine the likelihood and outcomes of hypothetical events, closing the loop between past, present and future.

Decision-Based Analytics

Decision-based analytics allows us to model potential scenarios based on specific inputs, helping to develop an understanding of what can be done to influence customer behavior, and what the results may be.


Strategic Planning

We think getting the whole picture is critical.

When it comes to strategic planning and execution, you need a consultative thought partner who is motivated and able to help advance your business and meet measurable goals.


Your brand is a valuable asset. Branding defines a promise and amplifies your company mission. It can differentiate your business from the competition — make you an apple among oranges. It helps build customer loyalty and becomes part of your employees’ mindset.
Misix uses an integrated approach in which research, design, messaging and technology develop a brand that reflects your company’s mission and values – a process essential for business success.


The key to successful integrated marketing communications is strategic planning and the unique ability to deliver a consistent message. Misix takes an in-depth look to: identify your target audience, position your brand, establish the communications strategy and select the media consistent with that strategy so its delivery is effective, concise and relevant — in other words, on target.


Creative Execution

Our creative team makes it look easy.

We’ll break through the clutter to deliver a message that presents a logical and compelling selling proposition. We recommend the most viable channels for your communications and compose focused, creative messaging that makes you stand out from the competition. With our dynamic team of marketers, copywriters and design experts, we stand ready to deliver almost anything.


The design team at Misix takes your ideas and brings them to life through the design and imagery that best represent your company and your brand.


The role of developers is critical to the communication process, as they bring the words, images and organization to life electronically to represent your brand.